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A leaseback, often referred to as a sale-leaseback, is a financial arrangement where a property owner sells their property and subsequently leases it back from the buyer. This arrangement offers mutual benefits: the seller gains access to equity while continuing to use the property as a tenant, and the buyer acquires a property with a built-in tenant, creating a win-win scenario for both parties.

Homeowners today don't know they have this option (we want to change that!).

What is a leaseback

The US Single-Family Market is vast.


Homes (of which 5-7 million homes sell each year).

Almost half of U.S. households can't afford a $250,000 home, with nearly


spending over 30% of their income on housing costs, according to NAHB.

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At Sell2Rent, We Believe In Building Strong & Mutually Beneficial Partnerships. We Are Dedicated To Fostering Collaborative Relationships That Provide Value To Both Parties Involved.

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    Partnering with Sell2Rent allows you to leverage your existing traffic and audience base. By driving your traffic into our process, you can provide your users with an additional valuable service, introducing them to our Sell and Leaseback program.

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    We will create a dedicated landing page to track the traffic from our partnership. This ensures smooth tracking and monitoring of leads, providing a seamless experience for potential customers as they enter our qualification process.

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    Our partners gain access to comprehensive reports and analytics on the performance of their referred leads. This valuable insight allows partners to measure the success of their efforts, track lead conversions, and make data-driven decisions to optimise their marketing strategies.

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    Qualified leads identified through our partnership are seamlessly integrated into our sales process. As these leads convert into deals and close transactions, both Sell2Rent and our partners benefit from the generated revenue.

Unique Value Proposition

Home Equity Empowerment
Home Equity Empowerment

We empower you by enabling you to leverage your home equity to improve your financial situation.

Hassle Free Process
Hassle Free Process

We provide you with a streamlined and simplified experience, eliminating the complexities of a traditional sales process, loan qualifications, & payment deadlines.

Homeownership Flexibility
Homeownership Flexibility

You can sell your home and choose to rent it back, maintaining your lifestyle &stability.

Real Investors Connections
Real Investors Connections

You get connected with real investors making multiple competitive offers, ensuring you get the best deal for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

We collaborate with partners and homeowners nationwide to offer innovative sale leaseback solutions.

We specialize in residential single-family homes and townhouses, including those located in gated communities. Homes must be owner-occupied to be eligible for our sale leaseback program.

Our cutting-edge sale leaseback program empowers clients to access home equity, sell properties, and remain as renters, with the support of advanced technology and personalized assistance.

Our primary buyers are mom and pop investors and investment funds.

The sale leaseback process generally takes 30 to 45 days from start to finish.

Sell2Rent performs preliminary underwriting, assessing three key aspects: (1) The Seller, (2) The Property, and (3) The Financial Transaction.

Sell2Rent usually coordinates the closing through reputable institutional-quality service providers.

Utilizing our platform is entirely free of charge, allowing you to access innovative solutions without additional expenses.

Rent agreements through our sale leaseback program usually span 1 to 3 years, offering flexibility for sellers. Lease terms are negotiated and agreed upon by both your client and the buyer, ensuring a successful sale leaseback transaction.

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