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Why Sell2Rent?

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    Steady Income from Day 1:

    Secure immediate rental income with our sale-leaseback properties, eliminating the stress of finding tenants and covering vacancy costs.

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    Off-Market Advantage:

    Gain exclusive access to off-market properties, giving you a competitive edge in the real estate market.

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    Quality Tenants and Extended Leases:

    Invest confidently with homeowners-turned-renters who are motivated to care for the property, and enjoy extended lease agreements to reduce turnover expenses.

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    Data-Driven Investment:

    Our data-driven approach matches you with properties that align with your investment profile, maximizing the relevance of your investment choices.

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    Diverse Investment Options:

    Choose from a variety of single-family homes and townhomes across the US, enhancing your investment portfolio with nationwide opportunities.

The Process

How It Works



Give us your buy box

2 steps that take Less Than 3 minutes to fill out our form & define your buy-box.



Efficient communication

between all parties is handled by our team. Leave the legwork to US.



Deals are typically

live for 7 - 10 days. Followed by a short Best & Final Period.

How it works in S2R


Rigorous analysis

We utilize advanced technologies to perform initial underwriting processes & ensure a mutually beneficial transaction.



Smart matching

Our proprietary algorithm matches you with investment opportunities that align with your criteria.



Property Inspections

When necessary, 3rd party reports & title searches are conducted before proceeding to a controlled buyer-led closing.

Investor Success Stories

Hear From Those Who've Thrived with Sell2Rent

John W.


I wanted to have access to the equity in my house. I am already turning 70 so l am getting old. I wanted to spend the money with my adult children and wanted to stay as a tenant forever, so Sell2Rent was the best method I found.

Mary Richards

Nursing Assistant

Very patient and understanding with us, as this was a big decision. Sell2Rent's team made the entire process much easier than I imagined in my head!

Elizabeth Clark


I chose Sell2Rent to avoid countless people touring my home. The process was smoother with the buyers they brought, and their agents were excellent, helping me through the somewhat stressful experience of selling my house. Sell2Rent team made it a pretty good journey.

Amber Moore

Stay at home mom

The team was amazing and the process was smooth and Sell2rent did a great job assisting me, thanks for all the hard work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

The majority of our properties are off-market and have never been listed online. Thanks to our sell and Stay program, most of our properties also include a homeowner willing to rent from day one.

The sellers are homeowners who have contacted us for the Sell and Stay program. Many want to tap into their home equity and are willing to stay as renters after a sale.

The usual process takes about 30-45 days to complete.

Preliminary underwriting is done by us as we analyze: (1) The Seller, (2) The Property, and (3) The Financial Transaction.

We focus exclusively on single-family homes and townhomes that are occupied by the homeowner.

Across the US.

In most cases, Sell2rent will arrange the closing with your preference, using institutional-quality service providers.

Nothing. The investor does not pay to use our platform.

Rent agreements typically range from 1 to 3 years. Many sellers are willing to pay rent several months in advance. Ultimately, the terms of the lease are negotiated and agreed to by both you and the seller.

We also have vacant properties you can invest in!

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