Let's Work Together

We believe in collaboration, as one of the most relevant vehicles for the success of any company. 

Most Common Partnership Programs

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Real estate professionals
Zelltor Program

Maximize your efforts and offer your clients not just a way to sell their properties faster, but also the option to stay as a renter.  They can even sell, stay as renters and buy back the property, our model offers a solution for all scenarios.  We will work with you to guarantee you can generate more listings and close more deals.

Lenders and mortgage companies

We work hand in hand with lenders and mortgage companies, referring homeowners that are better off refinancing or adopting another loan model than executing a sale-leaseback or a sell-buyback option.  We also take over individuals with equity in their homes, that does not qualify for a loan or a refinance program.  

Professional alliances

We trully believe in collaboration as one of the most effective strategies for growth.  Our Professional Alliances & Collaboration Program provides individuals and companies that are capable of referring leads, due to the nature of their business or profession, operating and marketing tools that will ultimately benefit their business as well.  We will also refer some of our clients to several professionals in different industries (For example homeowners facing divorce to a family lawyer).

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