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Daniel Abadi

A Zelltor is a residential leaseback specialist that as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, has completed a Certification Course designed to educate them on the newest real estate platform. 

These agents will be uniquely qualified to offer their clients the ability to list their property in an exclusive marketplace for sellers who desire a Leaseback.

With a Leaseback, Homeowners can sell their house and remain in it by leasing it back from the Investor that buys it. All rental terms are negotiated as part of the sales contract.

Zelltors are tapping into a new income stream. Many Homeowners who are seriously thinking about selling, can be put off by the thought of having to move or pack up their house.  Sometimes the uncertainty of the future prevents them from taking that final step, even when they know the market conditions are right for them to sell.

Now with the Leaseback marketplace rising in popularity, homeowners can have the best of both worlds. Sell the house now and take advantage of the strong market  and move later when you find the right situation.  All while you stay right at home  as a renter without the burden of homeownership.

Get in touch with your local Zelltor or contact us here and we will introduce you to one of our Certified Agents.

To understand some of the advantages of a residential leaseback visit https://www.sell2rent.com/our-sell2rent-program/#advantages

Sell2rent and Zelltor.com started a strategic partnership that will allow real estate professionals to get a Certification on Residential Leaseback transactions. Becoming a Zelltor is more than just obtaining a Certification, it is an opportunity to start a new line of business and offer homeowners an opportunity to sell their house, stay as renters and cash out on their equity.

If you are interested in becoming a Zelltor click the link below and register for the course use the code SELL2RENT2020 (Valid until December 31, 2020) and register for free. You must be a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

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