Setting Yourself Apart: Becoming a Pioneer in Sale-Leasebacks

Daniel Abadi

In the last couple of years, websites and mobile applications have revolutionized the way people sell and buy homes. It has also made it much simpler for just about anyone to settle a deal. Successful realtors are constantly looking for ways to apply technology to ease the investing process for clients.

When buying a house, there’s an extensive list of things to look at. All this makes the process lengthy, just closing on the house takes about 50 days on average. Investors/Buyers will constantly ask questions about their prospective property, which will most likely include: “How hard is it to find a tenant?”

Well, you can either answer that it “depends on several factors”, or you can promise them that their new property comes with a tenant. They buy on day one and start receiving rent payments that same day.


A Sale-leaseback agreement is the process that was just described above. A buyer/investor buys a property and rents it back to the original owner. The buyer benefits from a built-in tenant who will take good care of the property while also benefiting from the house’s appreciation over time. The seller, on the other hand, gets to tap into his property’s equity while staying at home as a renter.

Platforms like Zelltor allow Realtors to become experts on sale-leasebacks by giving them key insights into the leaseback model and how to carry out a successful transaction. Zelltor specifically even supplies realtors with a free course consisting of an instructional video and booklet with terms, FAQs, and more.

Sale-leasebacks are a great way of selling for a variety of homeowners. Leasebacks can help people going through a divorce keep the house their kids grew up in. It can help homeowners going through a rough economic patch to get back on their feet and pay off other high-interest debts.

As a realtor, it can help you close more deals and eliminate multiple roadblocks that might arise in the selling process. If your client knows they’ll be getting a property that grants them immediate returns and an extra sense of security they’ll be more likely to purchase the home.

How Zelltor can get you Started

As mentioned above, Zelltor has a free leaseback certification program that allows you to become an expert on leaseback transactions. After obtaining your certification you are now a “Zelltor” and can facilitate these processes for clients.

This opens new possibilities for you and your clients since you’re now able to provide them with a new way of investing which lowers risk and eases returns.

To sum it all up, realtors could become community pioneers in sale leasebacks and start offering their clients unique solutions to their problems. With companies like Zelltor and Sell2Rent, granting investors peace of mind is easier than ever.

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