Continue with the initial concept of the brand, the photography used
must represent the different interests why someone could opt to sell their house and stay in it as a renter, and at the same time people who enjoy their home, through the photos we want to highlight that we understand the meaning of home, we also want to build trust.


  • Genuine portraits

    We want to highlight the joy and happiness of staying at home, the genuine of being at peace at home.

  • People are the main characters

    Yes, we put photos of beautiful and cozy houses but they aren't our main characters, so to build trust and relationship with our audiences, we focus on highlighting the joy of being at home, of taking away all your worries.

  • don´t worry we have your back

    Yes is essential to showcase why people may sell their house, but not only focus on that aspect, we want to highlight that we understand them and have their back, that there is a solution and joy.

  • Emotion 60% and profesional 40%

    We want to trigger the emotions of our audience, but also to show our professional and business side, for that reason, we use the combination of pictures that bring that emotional side and others that give us that a professional look and feel.


Here are some examples

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