As an innovative real estate company that understands the
meaning of home and offers a transparent model that allows
homeowners to sell their house and stay in it as renters, the logo concept needed to represent this idea. The best way to portray it is showing how from a house, another appears giving the feeling of hope and union.

Logo variations

Principal Logo

This is the original and preferred use for all application

Horizontal logo

This version may be used in instances where the composition requires a configuration of a more horizontal nature. 

Safety area

The logo safety area is defined by the height of the blue house in the logo icon. No other elements on the composition should invade this space. 



The logo should be in their principal colors, blue and green on a white background, while great and white on a color o darker background. 

Logo principal


We want people to see our logo clearly across all our communications.  To make sure it’s visible to everyone, we have a minimum size for print and digital formats.


Our logo is central to our brand, so please take care when you use it. Here you’ll find some things to avoid.


The logo placement depends on the type of communication and use. Here are examples of print. 


Aligning partnership logos should follow clearspace rules. The separating line between logos can be created using the Blue house of the logo icon at the same size as the logo.

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