Lenders & Mortgage Companies

Offer your clients an opportunity to cash out their equity while staying in the place they call home. Proactively receive leads from homeowners that will benefit from a refinance or another type of loan.  

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Our model is meant to benefit homeowners. We will be referring all cases that will better off refinancing or adopting a reverse mortgage more than they would from our Leaseback model.

Simple Pre-Approval Process Guaranteed

All applications from homeowners sent your way, will have a higher probability of being approved. All offer requests we evaluate are highly accurate using our investable score algorithm.

Benefits from the Sell & Buy Back Program

All referrarls sent to our Sell & Buy Back program, will become elegible for loans to buy back their property. Their financials will almost guarantee that they can be elegible for a new loan.

The perfect source of reliable leads

We work hand in hand with lenders and mortgage companies, referring homeowners that are better off refinancing or adopting another loan model than executing a sale-leaseback or a sell-buyback option. We also take over individuals with equity in their homes, that does not qualify for a loan or a refinance program.

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