Jeison Silva-Business Development Team Leader

Jeison is a business development team leader with over 9 years of experience in the BPO industry who motivates and inspires his teams by creating an environment that encourages positive communication, team bonding, and adaptability.

Jeison believes that people learn the most from their leaders through example and coaching, so leaders must be open and listen to concerns and ideas to gain more support from his/her employees, actively provide his/her vision to them, be accountable for his/her decisions and actions within each responsibility, consistently demonstrate good work ethics, be fair and consistent with all employees, and most importantly, manage their actions and possess the ability to lead by example.

He has traveled the world, visiting various countries and residing in Colombia, the United States, Australia, and Brazil, which has given him exceptional communication and leadership abilities.

Throughout his career in the industry, he has had successful experience in the areas of operations as a team manager, workforce as a workforce manager, and training as a training lead in four different and robust campaigns, in addition to mentoring numerous leaders in the Colombian industry.

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