Is AI Investing The Future?

Daniel Abadi

Key Points:

  • AI platforms with automated investing capabilities have grown increasingly popular.

  • These platforms can lead to profits and take human error out of investing, but they shouldn’t be trusted blindly.

  • If machine learning evolves, AI platforms might be able to build and manage profitable portfolios without any human interference. 


Since chatbots surfaced, users around the globe have found ways to use them to their advantage. Content creators are plugging in prompts to write engaging articles and social media posts, comedians are using them to write jokes, and investors are using them to automate their finances and even draw predictions.

According to an article by FIU Business, “The majority of financial transactions at the present time have become electronic and the total period it takes to execute a stock trade has been significantly reduced to nanoseconds.”

The possibilities are limitless if users are patient enough. AI can help and inspire our work, make us more efficient, and take dreadful tasks off our backs. Now,  automated investing platforms are all over the internet. Some have recently become available on mobile applications.

Platforms like Wealthfront help you keep your expenses in check, while others like Acorns invest your loose change. Several others have been generating fresh buzz. Here is the internet’s top three: 

The Internet Recommends:

  1. For Stock Trading: Trade Ideas: “The system watches every single tick and measures behavior against the past in real-time. The AI stock trading bot setup consists of several dozen investment algorithms that ensure users improve their trading.” –
  2. For Real Estate: Houzen: “Houzen is a simple, fast, and efficient tool for homeowners needing to find a realtor fast. Within 24 hours, it filters agents by local expertise, accreditations, and success rates.” – Hyro
  3. For All-Around Banking Assistance: Charles Schwab: “The platform consists of robo-advisors for goal planning, tax management, and asset allocation services.   The platform uses computer algorithms to track your assets and make recommendations.” – Bizreport

Can AI Build an Investment Portfolio?

The answer to the question above is: If we ask it to, yes. The real question is if it can make a profitable portfolio with a decent amount of certainty. It is understood that AI has more information at its disposal than the average investor, and its ability to interpret and analyze data at superhuman speeds is unparalleled. However, giving a language model like Chat GPT the autonomy to cast a stock portfolio will always have its risks.

Some benefits that come immediately include the ability to be aware of stock market shifts around the clock. Assuring the investor that the platform is aware and can act upon any movement that can lead to profits or losses. Another positive is that AI systems can’t fall victim to emotions and aren’t prone to making decisions based on their gut feelings.

Humans tend to get desperate, even more so when money is at risk. AI systems will act patiently and make decisions based solely on facts and calculated estimations.

How can this Affect the Market as a Whole?

Neither human stock brokers nor robo-investors are perfect at interpreting data or predicting dips in the market. One truth is that both are necessary if investors want to position themselves in a favorable situation.

According to an article by Unite.AI, “The versatility of AI in the stock market furthers its usefulness as it becomes almost a necessity in the modern era with the amount of movement and data to monitor.”

Where can AI take investors in the future?

The answer relies heavily on how efficient machine learning is. If these AI platforms can learn from their mistakes and adapt within minutes while retaining previous knowledge, we could see even more AI in investing.

When Artificial Intelligence proves that it can use all the information it has to the client’s advantage, there will be no need for human interference in investing. An occasional confirmation click will do.

Introducing Sell2Rent AI

At Sell2Rent, we actively use platforms like ChatGPT, Synthesia, and Jasper AI to create informational content for our clients. Implementing AI has allowed us to speed up the creation process and share our story more efficiently.

Introducing AI to other sectors of our company is a step in the right direction. Some possibilities include accelerating the seller-buyer matching process, automating day-to-day tasks, and more.

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