Purchase a Single Family Rental Property that pays you DAY ONE

Purchase an Investment Property that pays you

Sell2Rent is a technology platform that connects investors to homeowners who want to sell their homes and stay as renters.

We partner with investors of all Sizes

Number of investment homes owned

1 – 20

Just getting started in your real estate journey? Our platform helps you connect with sellers that care for their homes. Making it easy to start cashflowing day ONE. 
Want to limit the amount of equity you need for the transaction? A hidden benefit that comes from our strategy, is the ability to wait to upgrade the asset until the seller moves out months/years later.

21 – 250

You’ve spent a couple of years creating and optimizing your investment thesis. Sell2Rrent provides a great avenue to help you scale your portfolio by connecting you to off-market occupied properties that get you to the next level.


We have deep expertise working with seasoned professional investors. We work with the biggest SFR Funds in the US. Our technology makes it easy to quickly review assets that match YOUR buy box

What type of properties?

we Exclusively Deal with:

Single Family Homes


Where are the Properties?


How it Works

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Homeowners upload their properties to our platform.

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Through our technology, we analyze and perform initial underwriting on every deal that is listed on our platform. In order to verify that is a good transaction for both parties involved.

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We use our proprietary algorithm to match the deals in our platform to the most qualified investors through verified data.

offersRecurso 4

Offers on the property are aggregated and the seller chooses the best option for them.

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Our platform empowers the communication between seller and buyer, to ensure the transaction follows the optimal process.

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Once all inspections, 3rd party reports and title searches are completed by the buyer. The transaction moves towards closing (the buyer will be in charge of the closing). We have a number of verified partners that can help investors through the closing process anywhere in the US.


3 Reasons To Invest With SELL2RENT®

Access Off Market Properties

Offered only to our investor network.

High-Quality Tenants

Rent your investment property to tenants that treat it as their home.

Technology First

Our data driven approach ensures our investors only review deals that fit their investment thesis in the markets they desire.

Two ways to get started

Create your investor profile

Answer a few short questions and let us know what type of assets and where you want to acquire cash flowing properties.

Speak with a Sell2Rent team member

Want to learn more? Let’s discuss the best strategy for you.

We are here to help

Frequently Asked Question

The majority of our sellers never list their properties anywhere else. Thanks to the leaseback model we specialize in, most of our deals start generating positive returns from day 1. You rent the property to someone who already calls it home. Often you can delay any costly rehabs, allowing you to see a better return on your equity.

The owners of the properties that want to tap into the equity of their homes, many of which are willing to stay as renters.

Our core buyers are investors looking to acquire SFH’s as an investment (often generating cashflow day ONE). We partner with all types of investors, from individual investors to funds/institutions. These investors are the ones who ultimately purchase the property, whereas S2R operates as the platform that connects them with the sellers.

The usual process takes about 30-45 days to complete.

Preliminary underwriting is done on 3 levels. We analyze: (1) The Seller, (2) The Property, and (3) The Financial Transaction.

We exclusively help with Single Family Homes and Townhomes.

Anywhere in the US.

In most cases Sell2rent will control the closing using institutional quality service providers.

Nothing! The investor pays nothing to use our platform.

In a typical leaseback transaction, rent agreements can range anywhere from one year to three years. Many sellers are willing to pay rent several months in advance.  Ultimately the terms and conditions between seller and buyer are agreed by both parties.

We also have vacant properties you can invest in!

How It Works

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