Home Prices Decreasing? Learn This New Way to Cash Out.

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The escalation of mortgage rates has significantly slowed the volume of single-family home transactions conducted during the past few quarters, resulting in a continuous decline in home prices for seven consecutive months. According to the Wall Street Journal, this represents one of the lengthiest consecutive periods since 2012.

As a homeowner, this situation could potentially raise concerns if you plan to sell. A-Ha! Fear no longer. Sell2Rent offers a solution that may not have thought about, yet. Whether you are in financial distress or simply looking to sell for other reasons, we want to provide the fastest route to equity without moving out.

If you are examining the market, having this in your armory can save you money when the time to sell comes.

Let’s start at the top. According to a recent article by Yahoo Finance, “The report’s 20-City Composite index, which monitors housing prices in the 20 largest metropolitan areas, experienced a decline of 0.6% over the prior month in January and rose just 2.5% over last year.”

With higher rates, the total cost of owning a home rises considerably, turning homeownership into a weaker investment. Also, this decrease in prices is showing no signs of slowing.

Another article by Fox Business stated, “Home prices are expected to decline by 1.6% through this year, according to a panel of economists and housing experts polled for the Zillow Home Price Expectation (ZHPE) survey.”

This development is of great interest to investors, particularly in light of the significant surge in home prices that skyrocketed during the pandemic. However, if you want to sell soon, you would probably want to do it before prices get lower. If you need equity but enjoy living at home, we can help.

Cash-out Now, Rent… Now.

Prices are dipping, and investors are adjusting their buyer’s hats. What does that mean for you?

Moving out can be expensive and downright exhausting. Nevertheless, an alternative method exists to cash out on your equity without going through the hassles of moving.

Through a sale-leaseback, homeowners can cash out on what their home is worth and stay as renters for as long as they wish. If you want to learn why more Americans are renting, click here.

Also, if you want to strike while the iron is hot and cash out your equity, click here

Our (Early) Predictions

  • 1. Sellers who want/need to sell in the next 24 to 36 months are likely better off selling sooner rather than later (and pricing to sell) to capture the most equity.

  • 2. Foreclosure prevention and mitigation efforts dependent on rising home values/equity will likely become increasingly less effective over the next three years.

  • 3. Distressed homeowners will become increasingly less motivated to make payments as their equity shrinks or disappears.
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