Corporate Partnerships

Sell2Rent® ’s Partnership Programs are designed to provide professionals in different fields of expertise to benefit from residential leaseback operations.
Higher Income

Secure more clients and make more money by using our model as an additional solution, or even by using all the marketing collaboration tools we can provide you with.

Offer a Way Out

Some of your clients will trully benefit from cashing out their equity without having to move away from their house. It is a very attractive model for many people.

Complementary Service

Your business may benefit from offering a sale-leaseback option or a sale-buy-back option as a complementary service or to solve a specific issue.

Proactive Collaboration

We trully believe in collaboration as one of the most effective strategies for growth.  Our Professional Alliances & Collaboration Program provides individuals and companies that are capable of referring leads, due to the nature of their business or profession, operating and marketing tools that will ultimately benefit their business as well.  We will also refer some of our clients to several professionals in different industries (For example homeowners facing divorce to a family lawyer).

How can we Collaborate?

Family Attorneys

One of the most complicated situations during separation or divorce is what to do with the house. People facing divorce can benefit from a leaseback by selling the property, cashing out their equity without ever leaving the house.

Real Estate Agents

Aside from the common collaboration with the agents, allowing them to list their properties on our platform, another form of collaboration is through marketing and PR. We have referral and marketing support programs available.

Financial Advisors

When families have built some equity on their house, and when liquidity becomes a problem, a sale leaseback or even a sale & buy back model can become a real opportunity. We work together with you in order to walk your clients all the way.

Business Professionals

From lead generation agencies, to divorce consultation professionals, Sell2Rent® offers a variety of marketing and advertising collaboration programs, where we provide them with operational assets in exchange of leads.

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