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Families Come First

We love using our tech platform to create better tools and opportunities. But at the end of the day, our greatest power is easing the way for families to stay in the homes they love. Because our customer families come first, and sharing their joys and easing their frustrations fuel us further.

    A Tech Platform with a Personal Touch

    Creating a platform that combines computing power with true, personal service isn't easy. We aim for the best of both worlds: the efficiency of matching good buyers with sellers, while offering caring support and personal guidance along the way.

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      Leading the way

      Sell2rent executive team

      Our journey started with an idea for a new alternative in real estate. The sell-leaseback is an option that has been common in commercial real estate for decades. And it can offer real benefits when used for homeowners in the residential market. But homeowners aren't aware of this. Most are taking the traditional loan route, with much more hassle and stress, when they could benefit from a sell-leaseback instead.

      Our team of young, energetic individuals have the passion and commitment to help homeowners understand they can sell and stay. As you'll see below, we all have different skills and specialties and come from different parts of the world. But what drives us forward is a shared vision of growth for our customers and the company.

      danny kattan sell2rent founder


      Daniel Kattan

      Danny has more than 15 years of experience in Real Estate. He has acquired more than 2000 single-family and multifamily units and has extensive knowledge of the different variables that affect the market. He was instrumental in the financing and refinancing of PIA Residential’s portfolio and was responsible for structuring more than $200 million in non-recourse debt and raising in excess of $100 million in equity. He is a frequent speaker in Real estate conferences and has published several articles in prominent publications in the US.

      Over his professional career, Mr. Kattan has launched an internet services company, an advanced telecommunications company, and a biotechnology company. He has also served as regional managing director for a Pan-American Investment Fund for Chile’s Grupo CB focusing on the financial, real estate, transportation, and infrastructure sectors.

      • Mr. Kattan graduated cum laude from Northeastern University School with a B.A. in Industrial Engineering.

      • He obtained an MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Finance.

        alex arguelles co founder


        Alex Arguelles

        Alex started his real estate career at the age of 21 by co-founding Tzadik Management Group (TMG), which he exited in 2020. He played a pivotal role in successfully scaling the company from 3 to 175+ employees. During that time, TMG acquired, managed and sold more than 15,000 apartments. After 13 years in his first startup, Alex decided to take all the life lessons he learned (both good and bad) and partner with exceptional entrepreneurs. He founded Hybrid Ventures to invest in and help scale new disruptive companies and is now an active angel investor and advisor to several growing technology companies.

        Combining his love for real estate and disruptive technologies, he partnered with Danny to scale Sell2Rent. Alex sincerely believes that a merger between bleeding edge technologies and data will change how homeowners sell their homes. Apart from his daily roles, he finds excitement in building a winning culture and making sure we never deter from innovating.

        Alex graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a B.S. in 2007. This was the same year he founded his first startup.

        • University of Florida graduate (2007)

        • Still doesn’t eat many vegetables

        • Adrenaline junkie.

          Team Members

          Frank D'Andrea Team Member CPO
          Frank D'Andrea
          Luis Jahn Team Member mobile
          Luis Jahn
          Andres Giraldo Team Member mobile
          Andres Giraldo
          Meliza Espinoza
          Meliza Espinoza
          HR & Talent Acquisition Manager
          Alejandra Lozada Team Member mobile
          Alejandra Lozada
          VP of Growth
          Merinda Gabr Team Member mobile
          Merinda Gabr
          VP of Sales
          Daniel Abadi Team Member mobile
          Daniel Abadi
          Copy Writer
          Enrique Garcia Team Member mobile
          Enrique Garcia
          Head of Development
          Andres Schuster Team Member mobile
          Andres Schuster
          Senior Developer
          Anibal Pacheco Team Member mobile
          Anibal Pacheco
          Senior Developer
          Daniela Lizarraga Team Member mobile
          Daniela Lizarraga
          Seller Representative
          Jose Felix Lequerica Team Member mobile
          Jose Felix Lequerica
          Funds Representative
          Yinarys Ruiz Team Member mobile
          Yinarys Ruiz
          Sellers Representative
          Carolina Tovar Team Member mobile
          Carolina Tovar
          Business Analyst

          Team Members

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